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We cannot stress enough the importance of having rental portable toilets at your event or any outdoor project. They can go a long way towards ensuring the success of your event by keeping people at the event instead of having them wander around looking for a place to relieve themselves.

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Rent portable toilets

Rental portable toilets have also been known to increase productivity in field tasks such as construction projects.

Rent portable toilets

It’s is also more friendly on the environment to have rental portable toilets on site. This is because we dispose of the waste at certified waste treatment facilities.

Rent portable toilets

We really do care about the environment and ensure we reflect this deep care in our actions and our various products.


Affordable Pricing

Getting rental portable toilets has never been this affordable. We offer a wide variety of models that are guaranteed to catch the eye of any client. We have great and affordable prices for our esteemed clients all in the name of giving them value for their hard earned money. We also offer a host of complementary services such as tissue paper, hand sanitation just but to mention a few. One can reach us today for more information about our services or for a comprehensive break down of our prices. For also an extra small fee we can offer some customization for the client for the rental portable toilet to promote their agenda. Our rental portable toilets are very convenient for they can be placed almost anywhere provided that the ground on which they rest upon is level.

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FAQs on our Rental Portable Toilets

There have been a variety of questions that we have encountered from our various clients and we would at this point like to address them as best as we can. Just some of the questions include:

This question is open to various answers but we believe in the client making early reservations for the rental portable toilet units to avoid any inconvenience, for at times we may have our rental portable toilets units all booked for different events. We always recommend the client to consider booking earlier in advance.

Sure! One can rent a rental portable toilet unit for a day or more. We normally rent out our units for on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For more information one can reach us today for more information.

The rental portable toilet units are under no circumstance covered by any insurance cover so if any damage is incurred when they are under the client’s responsibility the client should take full responsibility for any damages that may occur to the rental portable toilet units.

Rent portable toilets

For more information about us or about our rental portable toilet services call us today on (620) 241-7989

Are there any complementary products offered with a rental portable toilet?

There are some basic amenities that are included with the standard rental portable toilet unit. These include tissue paper, hand sanitation just to mention a few. For extra things such as customization and decoration the client may have to add an extra fee to take care of this.

Rent portable toilets

As we stated earlier we ensure that our rental portable toilets are in mint condition to ensure clients don’t get uncomfortable. Our units are also delivered when they are clean and can be serviced during non-working event hours. We care about upholding hygienic standards and we feel it is only right that our rental portable toilets share this sentiments.

In case this happens we have some damage waivers one can purchase. For more information on acquiring one, one can reach us today for more information.

One wouldn’t require any water in order for the toilet to be able to flush. Most of our rent portable toilet models are self-contained and can flush all on their own.

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